1000 Calorie Granola

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Going stoveless was an easy decision for me to make for the John Muir Trail. I don’t have to carry a stove, fuel, or a cook pot. I’m not even carrying a cup or bowl.

Cleanup consists of putting any wrappers or Ziploc bags into my bear canister. It’s very efficient for someone looking to hike all day. Plus I don’t have to worry about any fire regulations.

Most people ask what kinds of food I packed. I have a nutrition spread sheet under the JMT tab with many of the options I will be taking with me.

For breakfast every other day I will be eating granola. I used different varieties and flavors of granola, mostly the Bear Naked brand. The recipe is as follows:

1 cup granola 560 calories
1/4 cup full fat powdered milk (Peak or Nido) 160 calories
3 tbsp crushed walnuts 160 calories
2 tbsp flax seeds 70 calories

Optional: add in dried fruit.

no cook breakast

Place all ingredients in a Ziploc. Once on the trail, add water until you reach your desired consistency.

3 thoughts on “1000 Calorie Granola

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  • Unicoi Zoom

    Did you have any problems with your walnuts or flax seed going rancid? How long ahead did you pack your granola bags? I’ve found both walnuts and flax seeds can spoil so quickly that they are often already rancid, bitter and gross tasting, when I open the package new after purchase. Do you happen to know if toasting raw nuts and seeds can extend their room temperature shelf life?

    • allison Post author

      I’ve always had luck with the Trader Joe’s brand. I recommend using a food sealer to prolong the life. You need to take into consideration time before you leave or time it will be sitting if you’re sending it as a resupply. I make my granola a couple weeks to a week before if I am food sealer. It takes out any air and moisture so it should last months. I bet roasting nuts and seeds would help to extend their life as you are taking moisture out. Make sure not to use oils though when roasting as that would spoil.

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