Hike Mount CannonMount Cannon (4,100′) is well known by skiers, but it ...

mt cabot

Hike Mount CabotMount Cabot (4,170′) is the highest peak in the Pilot ...

bonds hike NH

Hike Mount Bond, Bondcliff, and West BondMount Bond (4,698′), Bondcliff (4,265′), and West Bond (4,540′) are ...

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The Icelandic landscape is vast, varied and ruggedly beautiful with geysers and hot springs, huge icecaps and glaciers, fjords and waterfalls. The dramatic scenery was shaped by volcanic eruptions and carved out by glaciers. Much of the island is uninhabited and unspoiled. I was fortunate to have spent twenty-six hours in Iceland during a layover

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Whether you don’t have a companion to hike with or are looking for a little solitude, solo hiking can be rewarding and safe, but only if you are prepared. I personally love solo hiking. It gives me time and space to escape the chaos of everyday life and be independent. When you hike alone, you

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