Trail to Summit on The Trail Show Podcast

Trail to Summit on The Trail Show Podcast

The Trail Show’s first Road Show in Salt Lake City!


I had the opportunity to spend four days hiking in Moab, Utah with some amazing athletes on a Gossamer Gear trip last week! I will be posting details and photos of our hikes later this week, but wanted to share a podcast I took part in.

The Trail Show is a radio podcast that covers all things trail. Regular segments of the show include a trail of the month, trail tips, and news. Being based in Boulder Colorado, the crew also has a beer of the month! They live by their slogan, Less Gear, More Beer! as the four members of the show are ultralight long distance hikers with over 40,000 miles between them. The podcast, over two years old now, has such a following that listeners send them beer from around the country; Sometimes from around the globe!

If you need a good laugh on a drive to the trail, check them out. The Trail Show has a new (free!) podcast each month and sometimes have bonus shows available.

Disco and POD prepping their SLC studio


Take a listen to episode #32 of The Trail Show!

Gossamer Gear Crew


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Allison is the founder of which she began as a way to track and share her first round of the NH 4000 Footers. Now on round 5 (the first round for her dog Ruckus) she has been honored to have taken part of many people’s firsts. She is an experienced trail maintainer, speaker, and passionate member of the outdoor community. In New England, Allison enjoys trekking along the highest peaks, bushwhacking to less traveled areas, and has a fondness for sunrise and sunset trips. Outside of New England Allison has also thru hiked the John Muir Trail and explored mountains in the German and Austrian Alps, Israel, and the Azores. Her goal is to share her passion for hiking and backpacking with others, especially with women, to inspire them to experience the freedom of the trail!

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