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Backpacking First Aid and Hygiene Kit

When lightening your pack weight it is important to be prepared and safe while you subtract each ounce. When creating my first aid and hygiene kit for the John Muir Trail, I thought back to...

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DIY Inline Water Filter

The Sawyer Mini is a 2 oz filter fit for any ultralight backpacking system. The filter can be used in a few ways, but any way you connect a Sawyer Mini, the filtered water can be consumed...

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LighterPack: Gear List Builder

To all the over planners, spreadsheet nerds, and gram weenies: welcome. I have been using the John Muir Trail as an excellent excuse to buy new gear. I’ve been searching the web for...

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Becoming A Lightweight Backpacker

Many hikers who begin backpacking want to cut down their packweight, but don’t know where to start. The benefits are obvious: you can hike faster and further everyday with less...

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Hiking Packing List: The Essentials and Beyond

The Essentials: (for safety, survival and basic comfort) 1. Navigation Map compass GPS (optional) 2. Sun protection Sunscreen chapstick hat/bandana 3. Insulation Jacket, vest, pants,...

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