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18 Hiking Lists in New Hampshire and Beyond

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 Is your annual hike up Washington not enough? Are you an AMC 4000-footer finisher, but looking for the next list? Look no further, these eighteen hiking lists should keep you busy!


For beginners +


Belknap Range Hiker

This range is located near NH’s Lake Winnipesaukee. There are 12 peaks ranging from 1,664′ to 2,382′. There is a patch that you can apply for via the Belknap County Sportsmens Association
*The link to apply for a patch does not seem to currently be running*

Belknap Range Trails
Belknap Range Conservation Coalition
Franklin Sites

NH Tower Quest

There are 16 fire towers in NH. Hike 5 and get a patch! Why not hike ’em all? This is a great list for kids.

NH Division of Forests and Lands Site
Brochure part 1
Part 2 (with application)

Scoops and Loops

A great excuse to eat ice cream! Visit 11 shops in NH that make their own ice cream to get a sweet (see what I did there?) patch! The shops and suggested hikes are listed on their site.

Scoops and Loops site
Facebook page 

Views and Brews (21+)

If ice cream isn’t your thing, a cold beer might be. Views and Brews combines hiking and local breweries. Visit 9 brewpubs within 48 hours of a local hike to get a patch. There are hikes for all levels listed and there’s a Views and Brews list for multiple states. 

Another plus? Feel exclusive as only 38 people are listed as NH finishers on the site as of 11/19/14!

Views and Brews Site
Facebook Page

Intermediate +


NH 4000-Footers
The list that turned me into a peakbagger. There are 48 peaks in all. There are more advanced options such as doing them in winter (separate patch for that), but if you’re looking for a challenge, saddle up! This list is great for people who have experience hiking, but are looking into getting 4000 feet or higher! There are TONS of resources for hiking this list which, in my opinion, not as difficult as some of the lists you’ll see further down. There is no time limit to do them. Just check out the resources below and make sure to track your peaks to send in your application.

Resources (far too many for a complete list- these are the highlights):
AMC 4000-Footer page (rules, FAQ, etc.)
Trails NH trip and trail condition reports listing
Trail to Summit resource page
Facebook Groups: 4K Club and NEPB
Ellozy’s page

52 With a View
For those who hike for the views- Each peak is located in NH, is under 4000 feet, and offers a fine view either on the summit or along the route.

Facebook Page
Locations- google maps

Adirondack 46
For those closer to NY, the Adirondacks have 46 peaks, with Mount Marcy topping the list at 5,344′. There are loads of resources for hiking these peaks as well.

ADK 46er page
Facebook Page
Trails NH trip and trail condition reports listing

New England 50 Finest
This unique list is the 50 most prominent New England peaks. It would be a fun one for someone who has hiked one of the above lists and wants to discover even more great hikes without starting a brand new list from scratch. You can, of course, do that as well!

Full List
Facebook Page
Ellozy’s page


New England 67
The NE67 list includes the 48 peaks in NH plus the 5 4000-footers in Vermont and 14 4000-footers in Maine.   


Trails NH Maine Peaks
Trails NH Vermont Peaks




New England Hundred Highest
The NE67 plus 33 additional peaks below 4000 feet equals the hundred highest peaks in New England.

Trails NH trip and trail condition reports listing
Facebook Page

The Northeast 111
The Northeast 111 list actually contains 115 peak in the Northeastern United States: The 67 New England 4,000 footers + the 46 Adirondack High Peaks + Slide and Hunter Mountain in New York. 

AMC Site

To get an official application for the Northeast 111 Club, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to:
Mike Dickerman
P.O. Box 385
Littleton, NH 03561

Terrifying 25 
This is a unique and challenging list. The list includes 20 mandatory hikes + 5 “choose your own adventure” type trails that are deemed terrifying by the creators, Trish, Alex, and Sage Herr. The trails are all in New Hampshire and include slides, rock scrambles, ladders, and boulder caves.

Girl’s on the Way T25 Page
Facebook Page

Catskills 3500 Club
Another NY area list. According to the Catskill Club site, “Anyone wanting to become a member has to climb all 35 Catskill High Peaks and, (in a departure from the requirements of most other hiking clubs), climb Slide, Blackhead, Balsam and Panther mountains again in winter, which is defined by the Club as the period from December 21 thru March 21, inclusive”

Catskill Club Site
Facebook Page
Trails NH trip and trail condition reports listing

For the hiking obsessed


High Pointing 
Reach the highest peak in every state!

Highpointers site and guide


There are 72 4000-foot peaks on this list. You must hike to and from the 72 peaks on the official list, and complete 72 hours of documented trail work. Oh, I almost forgot to mention- each peak must be climbed individually; therefore, only one peak counts per hike or backpack. See the resources for complete rules and information.

Trailwrights Site and List
Facebook Page

Redlining the White Mountains
Hike every trail in the most current edition of the White Mountain Guide. Need I say more?

Redlining Site

The Grid
So you hiked the 48 4000-footers in New Hampshire. Nice work! There are other who have done it as well, in every single month. Hike all 48 in each month of the calendar year and you’ve got 576 peaks under your belt. You can also proudly call yourself a “Gridiot” 🙂

48X12 Site

Every Calendar Day
Have nothing better to do this year (and it happens to be a leap year)? Hike a 4000-footer everyday! In reality, you don’t need to hike it in a year. You must hike a New England 4k for each calendar day including February 29th. If you are lucky enough to live near a 4k, you could even hike the same peak everyday!

4K Everyday Site


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18 Hiking Lists in New Hampshire and Beyond

  1. I’ve been doing a lot of peakbagging myself in the past decade or so. My big one has been the Northeast 111, which I finished in 2013. This of course includes some major lists as subsets. The two I’m mostly working on now are the New England Fifty Finest and the Catskill 35, although they won’t last much longer since I only have 7 left in the former and 6 in the latter.

    A big difference between the ADK46 Club and the AMC, which oversees many New England lists, is that the former will not change even with new information, but the latter will, albeit slowly. There are four ADK46 peaks which are now known to be under 4K (Blake, Nye, Cliff, and Couchie), and one (MacNaughton) not on the list which probably is 4K, but they’ll never change the list. OTOH, the AMC has added four peaks since their lists started (Galehead, Bondcliff, Spaulding, and Redington), and have changed Wildcat E to Wildcat D. Because of this there’s a persistent misconception that the difference between the 111 name and the 115 peaks is due to the four sub-4Ks in the Dacks, while it’s actually due to the four added to New England.

    There was a discussion not too long ago on the ADKHP forum about why those four mountains in the Catskills have to be done twice (as opposed to some other four mountains) and the conclusion was that nobody has any idea.

    Also, doing the grid is also popular for both the ADK46 and the Catskill 35. In fact, just last Sunday I met a guy I know while hiking in the Cats who was finishing off November for his grid.

  2. Really interesting information Dennis! When I did the NE67 it was funny seeing a couple of the signs listed as under 4000 feet. I’m currently doing the NH 4Ks in each season- my own little list 🙂

  3. I realized recently that I did the Northeast 111 all while in my 50s. I’ve decided to try to do them again in my 60s. Suddenly I again have a lot of mountains I “need”.

    1. allison says:

      Nice! I have many I “need” as well. Finishing up my winter 48 this season! I have about six lists I’d like to work on next 🙂

  4. Kimball says:

    Looks like I have a few more lists to add to TrailsNH. I’ll let you know then they are available. Oh, 52WAV is up there now.

  5. Janel says:

    I can’t access the list for scoops and loops anywhere. Is this still an option and if not, should it be removed? I have emailed several times unsuccessfully

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