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Thank you so much for this amazing resource!! As a fellow female hiker I wasn’t seeing much information specifically for women (or written by women) that is as empowering as what I’ve read so far! The women specific gear recommendations are super helpful as well! I wish more focus was put on great women in the outdoors and I think your interviews with all those amazing female hikers is so inspiring!

Amanda H

I devoured all 15 days of your hike!! I Love your writing. I am 60 and although I am in pretty good shape not that good for the JMT! But I am living vicariously through people like yourself and enjoy exploring the JMT with you all…I savored this for a few days before finishing, I didn’t want it to end. Your journey was amazing Allison, thank you for sharing it with us all!

Jacqueline R

What a great post, yet again! I loved reading and seeing photos of your adventures! I live in NYC and this is inspiring me to travel a little further to get in some more elevation and beautiful views!

Whit and Ash

Thank you for the detailed blog, it has been entertaining and insightful to read! My girlfriend and I are already preparing to hike the JMT after I graduate from grad school. The goal is keeping me grounded during the day to day monotony and endless work. I will likely refer back to this as the time gets closer and we start planning. This was a great supplement to the “cold hard facts” I’ve had no trouble finding info about… miles, elevation, stream crossings, passes, permits, bear canisters, etc. Your writing (and pictures) help to visualize what it’s really like out there. Thanks for sharing!

Chris H.

I must say I am quite impressed with all of your knowledge, you are a great planner! I really enjoy looking at all of your adventures. Thank you so much for taking time to reply to my questions. It is nice to know someone who has hiked the JMT solo.

Michael M.

Thank you for sharing your story. I enjoyed it ever so much!! I too am a NH hiker and am hoping to hike the JMT in 2018 to celebrate my 50th!! For now I will just keep plugging away on the 48 and I am going to start my winter list this year.

Andi F.

Another great post! You’ve whet my appetite for more. I’ve always wanted to hike Franconia Ridge and now I want to do it even more than before. By the way, your pictures are fantastic – love the long views!!


This is great. I really enjoyed your trail journal, and the JMT prep guide just puts it over the top. The JMT is on my dream list of hikes to do, and reading your trail journal was very inspirational (despite the rain). Thanks so much for taking the time to do this! I for one would buy a book if you put it in book form.


I am really enjoying your trip diary, but hating the days that you don’t post! I am leaving for 12 days in the Sawtooths soon, so plan to “catch up” once I return. I love your writing style. I can’t stand the suspense of the bear cannister! You’ve had me on pins and needles several times, checking your blog multiple times every day!

Susan D

Wow! Best post [advice for taking on the JMT] I’ve seen in the past year. Great advice for any backpack trip. Well-done. Take a bow.

Don T

What a great report – your photos are beautiful. I recently found your blog and really love it. Thank you for sharing your adventures. I’m just getting started in the Whites and this has really inspired me! Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!

Chris S.

Speaking Testimonials

Allison, this talk was super. You are a great speaker, well organized, and I learned a lot. Gives me ideas to go on planning my trip. Thank you so much!


Thank you so much Allison. I got some new ideas I can’t wait to try. Unfortunately, my obsession with travel size bottles has gone to new levels! Enjoy the John Muir Trail!

Karen W.

I learned a lot of information about products for hiking, as well as for backpacking. I will be adding some of the items to my hiking adventures. It was definitely worth the trip! Thanks Allison for hosting this event.


I attended your talk on hiking the New England 67 and thoroughly enjoyed the hour+ presentation. It was very engaging and informative! I have only hiked a few of the NH 4000 footers and am inspired to get out there more, especially after learning from another woman doing it! I hope you do more talks in the future. It was a great event!

Susan M.

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Reader Feedback and Speaking Testimonials

  1. Geoff Raywood says:

    Hi Allison,
    My wife Kathy and I enjoyed your presentation at the Newburyport Library last month. Thank you. Your web-site is wonderful too.

    I have a pack question for you. As I begin to go longer distances it is obvious I and my pack have to get lighter. I think it would be important to try on a filled backpack like Gossamer Gear packs. Do you know where I can try on equipment that is generally not sold in the REI’s of the world? (No disrespect to REI intended.) Thank you for any help.


    Geoff Raywood

  2. John Hammer says:

    Hi Allison,

    Thanks for the great info! My daughter is doing the JMT this summer and will be carrying a Delorme. What was the external battery that you used? She will be out for 3 weeks. Considering a Solar Monkey Power Traveler due to the time on trail. Any thoughts would be appreciated.



    1. allison says:

      Hi John,

      I used this one- http://amzn.to/1IpB8oq I even thought it was a little heavy, I liked that I was able to keep my camera and Delorme charged for the trip. I only charged up at Reds and MTR for 16 days. I was going to go with a solar charger but opted not to as living in New England made for tough testing conditions. Hope she has a blast!!

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