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DIY: Trekking Pole Monopod Mount

Trekking poles are one of the most useful things to bring on the trail. When I thru hiked the John Muir Trail I hiked with one during the day and used it to support my shelter at night. I did not need to carry heavy tent poles! 
Gossamer Gear makes one of the lightest adjustable poles on the market. At 4.1 ounces each, they’re surprisingly sturdy. I decided to make this pole even more functional by turning it into a monopod as well! You need the LT4S model (S for straps) if you would like to use your pole as a monopod. 
 While you can get specific mounts for this such as the Lightrek camera mount, they can become costly. I didn’t have enough time to order a mount before my hike so I decided to makeshift my own.
What you need:

I bought a threaded rod at Home Depot. They only cost a few dollars. An employee can make multiple cuts so you will have many mounts. Make sure you make it long enough to screw into the handle of your trekking pole and the bottom of your camera (or mount if using a GoPro). About 2 inches is ideal.

When you get home, screw the threaded rod into the handle of your trekking pole. Remember, the trekking pole must be designed to use as a monopod!
Use a nut to secure the threaded rod or else it will slowly slip inside the trekking pole when not attached to your camera as well. This happened to me a couple times on the trip. I just had to separate my trekking pole to get it. You can attach it to most cameras and GoPro’s tripod mount attachment.
A GoPro will have the added benefit of being able to flex forward and back, shooting at multiple angles.

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