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John Muir Trail Gear



Here it is! Just about everything I will be bringing on my 16 day JMT thru hike is pictured here. Below are the labels for all items. If you have any questions, ask in the comments section!

1 BearVault 500                          
2 Western Mountaineering Summerlite                         
3 Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis
4 Klymit Inertia X-Lite
5 Samsung Galaxy S3*
6 Sunglasses
7 Bushnell SolarWrap Mini*
8 Rite in the Rain notebook & mechanical pencil
9 Plastic water bottle*
10 Dried baby wipes
11 Watch
12 Platypus Hoser with Sawyer Mini filter 
13 Ditty bag*
14 GoPro Hero3+ with headstrap
15 Outdoor Research Helios sun hat
16 Gossamer Gear Mariposa
17 Harrison JMT map set 
18 Buff bandana
19 Columbia Omni Heat midweight baselayer
20 Eastern Mountain Sports Techwick UV shirt
21 Icebreaker GT Run Rush Merino Tee
22 Backcountry Hadron down jacket
23 Tasc Performance Intensity sports bra 
24 Eastern Mountain Sports rain jacket
25 Smartwool Maybell skirt
26 Icebreaker Everyday Merino long underwear
27 Assorted bags*
28 Salomon Speedcross 3
29 Iniji socks (2)
30 Dirty Girl Gaiters
Not shown:
Gossamer Gear LT4S trekking poles and Polycryo groundcloth- on their way! The other camera I will be using is not pictured as well. Just a Samsung P&S.
You also won’t see a stove, fuel canisters, cups, bowls, etc because I’m going stoveless! You heard that right. After seeing the fire restrictions throughout the park, I decided to ditch the stove. I don’t want the weight or unreliability of a canister (not knowing how much fuel it will use at high altitude) to affect my hike. I’m pretty excited for the food I’m bringing!
*Additional notes
5- will be using Guthook’s JMT App version 2.0
7- I have heard mixed reviews about the solarwrap. I also purchased a RavPower external battery charger as a backup. I will be testing the solarwrap more when I get to California (staying for 
8 days before my hike) and will send the external battery charger home if I won’t need it.
9- Plastic bottle will be used for morning shakes
13- Ditty bag includes items such as my first aid “kit”, mini swiss army knife, bug spray, sunblock, headlamp, extra GoPro batteries, and memory cards.
27- bags: 1 for clothing not worn, 1 mesh bag for food during the day, and 1 ziplock for dirty items such as used wetwipes.

What a BV500 looks like with (almost) 8 days of food. Just need to repackage my last couple dinners. Still have some room 🙂

Close up of the clothing (and bags)

My base weight is 11.6 pounds including the BV500! Baseweight is everything except for consumables (I only included food and water in that category) and items worn at all times. Without a bear canister I’d be looking at just over 9 pounds. Darn bears! 🙂

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John Muir Trail Gear

  1. What has been your experience with the Six Moon Designs Wild Oasis so far? I find it increasingly frustrating to set up every night on variable terrain.

    Looks like you are well prepared! No food drops?
    Are you going solo?

  2. Ted Bolton says:

    I’m impressed! I am going to be trying out my new Gossamer gear pack today.

  3. WildernessWarrior: I am going solo, but am resupplying three times. I really like the Wild Oasis. I found it easy to set up. You do have to adjust it after about 30 mins as it does sag a little initially after setup.

    Ted- Have fun with your Gossamer Gear pack! 🙂

  4. Alice Bodnar says:

    Thanks for the shout out on the JMT Hiker app. Have a GREAT hike!

  5. Unknown says:

    Share your food plan please!

  6. Great job keeping your weight down Allison! Curious to see how you like “stove free” eating. You may have a couple of nights that you need to wear your jacket to bed with the 32 degree bag but I am sure you expect that.
    Get as many calories in as you can during that long stretch after Muir trail ranch. That’s when any deficit will catch up with you.
    Heard good things about the GG pack.
    Happy Trails!
    Mike Boisvert

  7. brittany says:

    Allison, thanks for sharing all this info about your trip. It has helped a lot in my own planning for the JMT! I have the Mariposa backpack also, and I’m trying to figure out the best way to pack the large Bearvault. What was your strategy?

  8. Brittany- I placed my canister in first and then stuffed my sleeping bag around it, putting the most padding between the canister and my back. Good luck on your trip! 🙂

  9. What were the stove restrictions? I haven’t packed on the western side of the hills except in Yosemite. The fire restrictions are a bummer as my kids haven’t really gotten the full campfire experience I had. But there just isn’t anything to burn in most popular camp sites in the sierras anymore.

    As annoying as stoves are, I want my warm beverage…

    Thanks for all the detail. I missed this summer with an injury so this is some inspiration to make up for it next summer. Thinking of doing Reds meadow to the valley and taking advantage of public transportation on the return.

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