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Meet Oren!

Introducing Oren! He was born in March and is finally making his debut! We have chosen to keep him off Facebook but will be posting occasional hiking photos here where I have more control of what happens to these pictures 🙂 Oren is almost 3 months old and is such a good baby. I of course got him on the trail early!

First day home

Oak Hill

Our first hike was Oak Hill in Concord at two weeks old. He slept the whole way! I did a lot of hiking while pregnant and he seems to like the rhythmic movement.

Mt Major

Atop Mt Major at 7 weeks- Oren’s first summit view!

We attempted to see the sunset from our hike of Piper and Whiteface. We enjoyed our hike and watching the sun start to set but a band of clouds blocked out the vibrant sunset we were hoping for!

Enjoying the trails! Oren means pale face, pine tree, and mountain. I’m hoping he continues loving the trails for years to come!


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Meet Oren!

  1. Ryan Clark says:

    He’s beautiful! Congrats!

  2. betzwalsh says:

    Oh my gosh … he is beautiful! (of course). So sweet that you have him out there already (of course – again!!). All the best Allison on your new little addition! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Barbara N Wilson says:

    He’s so bright-eyed. Mr. Personality, huh? Have fun every minute. It passes by quickly; take time to enjoy each season!

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