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Moosilauke: Take Three!

Between the routes, 360 degree views, and variations on how to pronounce the its name, Mount Moosilauke is a favorite among many hikers. A facebook group I belong to decided to get together and hike something. We decided to meet each other on the huge, 4802 foot summit of “The Moose”. I was excited to meet everyone, but I just really wanted some views!

The first two times I hiked Moosilauke I ascended via Gorge Brook (take 1) and Glencliff (take 2). Both times it was super foggy and my winter hike had pretty rough conditions. We tagged the summit and got out of there!

This time I decided to hike up the Beaver Brook Trail. If I ever decide to get into redlining, I’ll have another trail completed and this trail is a ton of fun! As you see from the sign above, it’s not a trail to mess with! I think this sign is better than the ones you see in the Presidentials!

With all the rain we’ve been getting the past few days, we were treated with some really cool scenery. The waterfalls were really moving!

The trail winds its way up the mountain right next to the falls. Pretty early on in the hike, we arrived at our first obstacle course: stairs, ladders, and rocks!

I found myself lifting my knees up high for the majority of the trail. I didn’t see many photos of this trail when I looked it up before our hike, so here’s a bunch!

 We didn’t know it, but that view would be the best of the day. It’s also the first view I’ve ever seen on Moosilauke!

So how much further to the summit….? 

When we created the event we decided to meet at the summit at 1:00, but also to start the hike at 9:00. We really didn’t need four hours to get to the top so we spent some time at the Beaver Brook Shelter. We hung out on the lean to, swapped stories, and tried out the outhouse. Our consensus it the outhouse is “sweet”. Take that however you’d like. 

We also decided to hike over to Mount Blue. It’s a peak on the Trailwrights 72 list. Now I have another list to think about.On Mohamed Ellozy’s site he writes that Mount Blue, “is a short but often nasty bushwhack of about .2 miles from the Beaver Brook Trail. Eminently forgettable, a peak that only a peakbagger would visit.” We really liked how lush and magical this little section of trail is and found the path easy to follow. Dan and Bill McGinness were first at this summit in winter and found it very difficult to get to. I’m glad they were able to revisit it and actually see the canister!

The last few steps (ok I ran!) to the summit was pretty amazing. I actually saw more than the outline of the cairns! The fragile vegetation was beginning to grow, the 360 degree views were just barely out of reach, but some of the more unique features of the summit were in sight. 

 Just hanging out with some HUGE cairns!

 The best view from the summit when the fog cleared for a minute or two. When we arrived back at the trailhead, the skies were so blue! If we had been on the summit an hour later we would probably have amazing views. At least I have a reason to hike up the Moose again, though!

The Beaver Brook Crew!

Jocelyn and my devil horns!

 Winter vs Spring summit photo. I am going to attempt to do a series of winter/non winter condition photos.

 We made a friend! She did not make a peep even when we got close or talked about eating Grouse. I believe it was Dan that said it would probably taste “grouse”.

This was by far the best view I’ve seen on Moosilauke, but it won’t be the last! I still want to hike the Asquam Ridge Trail and hit up the other Trailwright peaks. Moosilauke, I’ll be back!

Click here to watch a video of the hike!

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Moosilauke: Take Three!

  1. Arkie_in_CT says:

    Great report, Alison. I just did the N-S traverse with a friend this weekend, staying at Beaver Brook Shelter. Like you, our best views were from Beaver Brook Trail and shelter. What an awesome climb! In the morning, we were treated to a gorgeous sunrise between Liberty and Flume, just to the right of fog-capped Washington.

    From the summit, I could faintly make out Cube and Franconia Ridge, Bond, Osceola and Tecumseh were mere whispers in the clouds.

    Lucky for me, I took in 100-mile views from the summit May 5th last year, so this visit was more about the falls, the sunrise the fellow hikers (I ran into maybe 5 last May, more like 50 this time).

    Like you, I also want to do the Asquam Ridge Trail, the Benton Trail and Tunnel Brook Ravine even moreso. Big mountain with lots to offer!


    Chris Stratton, Arkie_in_CT

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