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Mt. Cabot (plus The Bulge and The Horn)

 Mt. Cabot is the northernmost of the New Hampshire 4,000 footers. The Unknown Pond Trail meets up with the Kilkenny Ridge Trail, over the Horn and The Bulge. These are two mountains on the New England Hundred Highest list

 Pictured above is The Horn as seen from Unknown Pond (3100′). The trail is very gradual and leads you through a lovely birch forest. I didn’t notice any blazes, but the trail was easy to follow. The trail then joined the Kilkenny Ridge Trail to the Horn. The trail was tricky at times, but nothing that lasted very long.

The sign pointing to The Horn summit

The summit of The Horn has some nice views. You can see Cabot and The Bulge as well as the Mahoosuc Range.
Summit Marker on The Horn

The Kilkenny Ridge Trail to The Bulge begins to steepen and then suddenly, you’re in a flat area with a cairn. Once I had reached the summit of The Bulge, fog started to set in. This was fine as there were no views anyway!

From The Bulge you dip down to a col at 3,600′ and then up Cabot. The final climb to Cabot takes you through some more pine trees and lots of ferns. 
When I finally got to the top of Cabot (4,170′???), I noticed that the sign said 4180′, but all the maps/resources say it’s 4,170′. Does anyone happen to know why this is?


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Mt. Cabot (plus The Bulge and The Horn)

  1. Dingo says:

    I see you found the sign at the summit, but did you hit the actual high point? It’s about 30-40 yards west of here, marked by a small piece of wood nailed to a tree. This sign does not mark the actual summit. I know it’s tripped up a few people I know. : /

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