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Mt Tecumseh in Four Seasons

Once you have hiked the NH 4000 footers you may decide to begin the New England 4000 footers. After you complete that list, you have a few options. I’ve decided to try my hand at multiple lists. One is an unofficial list (it’s not recognized by the AMC) but it’s a personal goal of mine. I am attempting to hike all the NH 4Ks in each season.

When I began to hike the 4Ks in winter, I fell in love with the snow covered pines and untouched trails. The glimmering white snow in the mountains made any hike twice as beautiful. I am hoping to finish my winter 4K list this coming season (22 left!) There is so much variety in each season and something new to discover on each hike that I decided to hike each mountain four times. As of yesterday, I’ve hiked (not including those that I’ve hiked in the same season) 101 peaks. The total number on this list is 192!

Mount Tecumseh is one of the easiest 4Ks in New Hampshire. Those who are looking to get into hiking bigger mountains should really consider starting with this peak. I also recommend Moosilauke via Gorge Brook Trail, Pierce, Hale, and Osceola. One could argue that others may be better as “beginner 4Ks” and others could be added, but this is just a sampling.

Over the last couple years Tecumseh has received a makeover. Thanks Jeremy Clark for all the hard work! Here’s a little sample of what’s been done.

On the way up I met a lot of hikers that looked familiar. There was a group of “unorganized hikers” that I had seen on the various Facebook hiking pages as well as Chris Stratton who’s a long time reader of my blog (nice to meet you Chris!)

The summit has changed a lot as well. Over the past year there have been a lot of cuts made at the summit. I don’t know who is doing this, but I hope they stop. Not every peak is meant to have a full view. It makes some of the hardest summits even more special.

I feel like I got really lucky with the weather today as it had been extremely windy Friday and rained/snowed today (Sunday). I got to wear my vest for the first time on the trail too.

View from about the halfway point

The streams were all moving pretty quick so crossing had to be done carefully to avoid soaking my shoes. It was another gorgeous day on Tecumseh!

I’ve done a handful of the 4Ks in all four seasons. I’ll try to get a few more of these up. Until next time…

Quick Facts:
Approach from: Waterville Valley Ski Area. From the south Take I-93 North to the Campton exit, Route 49 / Waterville Valley. Follow Route 49 through the town of Campton, and take a left at the sign for the Waterville Valley Ski Lodge. Trailhead is down the road on the right of the main lodge.
Height: 4003′
Distance: 5.2 miles RT
Book time: 3:35

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Mt Tecumseh in Four Seasons

  1. Arkie_in_CT says:

    Hi Allison! It was so nice to meet up with you at the halfway point, and again at the summit. We sure lucked out with the weather – warm, sunny and relatively windless, a nice early November day. After leaving the summit, we traversed on Sosman and descended via the ski trails. What a beautiful place is the Waterville Valley.

    I’d be pleased to have you friend me and visit my page on Facebook. You can find it here: https://www.facebook.com/Arkie.in.CT

    Hope you see you out on trail again soon.

    All my best,

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