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Ruckus Hikes the Osceolas

After 4 rounds of New Hampshire’s 4000 Footers (plus many repeats of certain peaks) you think I’d be done with them. Last year I adopted Ruckus and we’ve been working on the list together! We worked up to the 4Ks with some easier hikes and waited until she was almost a year old and prepared to do these hikes. Below are her first 6 hikes. We started over the winter. Every summit Ruck balances something on her nose- usually a summit treat!

Though I’ve visited the Osceolas many times, this was only my second visit from Tripoli road. This road is dirt and closed in the winter (and a good chunk of Spring) so we’ve done a lot of our approaches from the Kanc. The trail is littered with rocks and roots like most of the 4000 footers and even though we’ve officially hit summer, very muddy.

Good thing we don’t mind the mud!

The first peak was Osceola with it’s beautiful panoramic views. The weather was fantastic and because we started so late in the day we missed the earlier showers.

Awkward, muddy summit pose in the books!

On the way down, and then up to East Osceola we took the Chimney Bypass. The chimney itself would be too difficult for Ruckus to go down.

Summit #8 for Ruckus!

Loved the way the rays of light hit the mountains. One of the reasons I decided to start hiking mid afternoon.

On the way back up to Mt Osceola we went UP the chimney! Ruck needed one little boost. She was all smiles and waited for me to finish going up too.

Look at those moves!!

On the way back to the main peak we got to enjoy glimpses of the golden hour.

Enjoying the light before the headlight came out.

We are looking forward to our next hike! I’m thinking either Moosilauke or Garfield. What’s your vote?

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Ruckus Hikes the Osceolas

  1. Lenka says:

    Thank you so much for this amazing website. It has been more than helful several times and I look at it (and your instagram) reguraly. We are a family of 6 plus one big puppy and are starting our own 4K chalange this week. We have been hiking around NH for several years and this year we feel we are ready to hit the big peaks. (our yougest is 9)
    My guestion is about your dog. Do you have any kind of booties for her? We have few pairs for winter (mainly for snowshoewing) but I was wondering if you are using anything in the summer as well and if you do, do you recomend a brand? We are still testing as well but they are so expensice I was hoping to ask as many people as possible.
    Happy hiking
    PS: while we do have a website it hasn’t been updated for several years. but you can see us on instagram! @steigerclan

  2. DAVE says:

    awesome photos and great dog and story

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