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Winter Hiking Boots For Women

 One of the most important pieces of gear for any winter hikes are winter boots. While I stick with low rise, breathable trail runners during the warmer months, my footwear changes quite a bit when snow hits the trails. This is a long term review of my Salomon Toundra Winter Hiking Boots.

A typical dayhike for me in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest typically involves being on trail for 6-10 hours with temperatures often plummeting below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Trails are typically covered with a snow and ice. Because of these conditions, I needed a pair of waterproof boots that can keep my feet warm in very low temperatures.

I got these boots December 2011 and wore them the following day on a 10 mile dayhike in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. I did not experience any discomfort wearing them even without breaking them in. The boot’s lacing design helps to make this boot very comfortable. It is easy to lace up and does not cause any pressure points. The toebox is very roomy which is great for accommodating a heavier winter sock. While Salomon’s trail runners are a little narrow for me, these boots seem to run a little big. I recommend ordering down a half size.

They are constructed of leather with Contagrip soles and rubber caps at both the heel and toe for extra protection. They are stiff enough to use with light traction, snowshoes, and crampons, but do not feel overly heavy or clunky.


The boots are rated -40 Fahrenheit. While I haven’t worn them to this temperature, I have been in negative temperatures that has been down to about -30 with windchill. I have Raynaud’s (poor circulation) and my feet have never been cold in the years of hiking the NH 4Ks with these boots! I wear only one pair of wool socks (typically Smartwool) and that’s it! No toe warmers or anything.

The only negative I’ve found is I notice a large gap between the tongue of my boots and my shin. I wear tall gaiters during the winter so this isn’t a concern for me, but I would keep this in mind if you don’t as snow or other debris can make its way into your boots.

salomon toundra

These boots are tough and have shown minimal wear after three winters of water crossings, elevation, and glissading. I recommend Salomon Toundra Boots for anyone who runs cold and does not want to worry about their feet on a long day of winter hiking.


Disclosure: Allison purchased these boots with her own funds.

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Winter Hiking Boots For Women

  1. Laura says:

    These boots sound pretty awesome but they’re pretty scarce these days–too bad I don’t wear a 5.5. If you were going to buy new boots today, which would you go for?

    1. allison says:

      It’s because a new version is coming out for next fall! I saw them at outdoor retailer and they look awesome! If you can wait until next season, I would! I have actually only owned these boots for winter so I don’t have experience with others. They’re amazing though 🙂

  2. Laura says:

    Oooo! Fresh boots! That ain’t bad at all. I can totally wait so I’m glad I asked. Thanks!

  3. Erica says:

    Hi Alison, I bought these after coming across your post several years ago. I love them SO much. I also bought a pair of the updated model, and they did not last 🙁 the stitching along the sides of the boots split (they are material, versus the wonderful rubber like the black/white ones). So, long story short- are you still using the Toundras? I’m on a hunt for a new style of boot, before my black/white pair eventually wears out. Thanks!

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