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Hiking Resource Guide for the White Mountains and Beyond

After completing my quest to hike all the 4000-footers of NH and being a hike organizer and leader, I thought I would create a resource for people who are experienced hikers, but are either new to the area or getting into hiking the 4000-footers.

The following is a compilation of information I have created or utilize from other hikers or organizations to research and plan my hikes. This will not serve as a truly complete guide for all. I suggest using this as part of your own research for learning about all there is to explore in the White Mountains and beyond.

I will add to this resource when necessary. Feel free to leave a comment or contact me with any questions.

Packing lists:


Hiking Packing List (Day Hike) 

Hiking Clothing Guide



My all time favorite NH 4k resource:

This book includes the history of every NH 4000 footer, multiple trail options (includes elevation gain and info on hiking nearby mountains), a winter guide which lists the safer trails to take in winter and whether or not popular parking areas are plowed or if roads are closed adding to the length of the trail, a view guide for every peak, and the last section includes a check off list, hiking records and oddities. 

I’ve used this book for reference, but prefer the book mentioned above mainly because of how the information is organized. It still includes accurate and complete information on the entire White Mountain National Forest.

For only $15/yr ($12 for AMC members) you get access to trip reports, sharing your own adventures, and downloading waypoints for your route to a GPS device (GPX format). My favorite option is the interactive map to make custom routes. You create your own waypoints and once you create the map, a trail guide is created below with mileage and book time included for each section of the hike!




Blogs/Trip Reports:


Franklin Sites: Search for any peak and you will get trip reports listed by date. This is a great resource to gauge what the trails may look like in the month you plan on going.

There are many great blogs out there. Here are a few that I look at often:

Weather/Trail Conditions:


 Mountain Forecast: Check trailhead and summit forecast for any peak!

Mt. Washington Observatory Higher Summits Forecast

New England Trail Conditions

Trails NH: Links to blogs and trail condition reports


New England 67 (NE67): Includes the 48 peaks in NH plus the 4000-footers in VT and ME.
New England Hundred Highest: The NE67 plus 33 additional peaks below 4000 feet equals the hundred highest peaks in New England.
Views and Brews: Beer and Hiking Combined!





 Meetup.com has numerous groups for hiking in the White Mountains. Each one is unique and you may join multiple groups to have a better chance of seeing a hike you want planned.

My hiking group: Northeast Peak Baggers 

4 Seasons Hiking Group 

Random Group of Hikers 

New England Hiking Meetup 

Two forums that are great places to get honest advice, become inspired, and share your hiking adventures! 



There are also a couple groups on Facebook: 

4K Hiking Facebook Group 

General Hiking Group 




AMC Courses 

Wilderness First Aid (plus other courses)

 National Outdoor Leadership School

 REI Outdoor School



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