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Mount Jackson (Spring)

Last weekend my fiancé Keith and our friend Brett joined me on Mt Jackson. We had done Pierce last summer together and they both wanted to do another hike. For anyone just beginning the 4ks, Jackson is a little more difficult than Pierce, but a wonderful peak to start out with. There are some ledges and slick rocks to contend with so I recommend going on a dry day. I have done this hike after a hard rain and the stream crossings can become difficult to maneuver. 

We started our hike up the Jackson-Webster Trail around noon which meant we saw a couple dozen people finishing up on our way up, but had most of the mountain to ourselves after that.


Bugle Cliff is a great lookout. It’s great motivation to see how high up you got in such little time.

Boulder King


After many movie references I didn’t get we were about to summit. Keith (below) moving too fast to capture on camera 😉


Gossamer Gear Kumo pack on the summit



One of the best views of the Southern Presidentials and only 2.6 miles to the summit!


Jackson is one of the peaks you are almost guaranteed to find some grey jays to feed. Knowing this, I packed some trail mix so Keith and Brett could experience it for themselves!



Both Keith and Brett agreed this was their favorite hike so far. It may have been those Gray Jays, but they both loved the variety of the terrain and views. The trail has a mix of steep sections and then levels out just when you need a break. There were interesting mushrooms and fungus, lookouts, and summit views that were good enough to (almost) forget about the bugs!

Heading down the rock slabs



After we completed the hike we were ready for some burgers at Moat Mountain. Another great day in the woods!

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Mount Jackson (Spring)

  1. Marianne says:

    Allison, feeding the Grey Jays is a “no, NO” among hikers.

  2. I agree about leaving most animals be, but we feed wild birds using bird feeders. I don’t seem the harm unless you feed them things like cheese-its like I have seen some do. I offered plain cashews and had a fun experience.

  3. Bob C says:

    I’ve never met a hiker that says it’s a no-no to feed Gray Jays. There’s nothing wrong with it.

  4. Grandpa says:

    The Gray Jays say it’s a “Yes! Yes!”

  5. Jeremiah says:

    At this point, it’s almost a NO-NO not to feed them, as they’ve become so use to it

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