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Ultralight 1 Person Backpacking Tents

ZPacks Hexamid
1 person ul tent

Choosing the right tent can prove difficult with all the options out there. Your big three (shelter, sleep system, and pack) will be the bulk of your backpacking budget. Spend your money wisely by doing the right research.

If you know you want a tent as opposed to a hammock, bivy sack, or tarp, below are a number to take a look at.

All tents listed weigh under three pounds as a complete system. The more minimal options (such as ZPacks and Six Moon Designs) do not include stakes in the weight or price as there are many UL options to choose from. All tents include the weight of the tent body, floor, and rain fly at a minimum.


You may want to purchase an UL tent if you:

Are transitioning from carrying heavier gear but still want 360 degree protection from bugs and the elements

Plan to camp in areas lacking in trees

Would prefer more interior room compared to a bivy

Wish to have a shelter that can be pitched in a variety of places and with little effort


The two different styles of tents include:

Freestanding Tents:  Tents which use included poles to stand up.  They are not attached to anything and can be picked up and moved around without losing their form.

Non-Freestanding Tents:  Tents that require rope or cord attached to metal stakes which you must push or pound into the ground.  Without them, they do not keep their shape.  They may also make use of your trekking poles to stand up.


All tents are listed from greatest to lowest weight and are available at a wide price range. Have a question? Feel free to ask below!

MSRHubba NX2 lbs 14 ozFreestanding-Pole configuration allows for good headspace and elbow room
-Large vestible for storing gear
-15-30 ripstop nylon material used for durability
msr hubba nx
Buy at REI- $349.95
MarmotEos 12 lbs 13 ozFreestanding-Mesh tent provides excellent ventilation
-Quick clips make setup quick
-Floor and fly made from ripstop nylon
-Reflective patches on fly make finding it at night easy
Marmot Eos 1
Buy at REI- $249.00
The North FaceTriarch 12 lbs 13 ozFreestanding-Side entry
-Vaulted head and footbox
-Multiple fly configurations for versatility
-Vertical side walls
North Face Triarch
Buy at REI- $299.95
REIQuarter Dome2 lbs 10 ozSemi-freestanding-Spacious tent due to pole angles and asymmetrical shape.
-Vertical sidewalls for lots of headroom
-Covered vestibule
-15-denier ripstop nylon for walls and fly, 30-denier for floor
rei quarter dome
Buy at REI- $219.00
Big AgnesSlaterUL1+2 lbs 10 ozFreestanding-Extra floor space for a solo camper
-Designed for ease of setup
-Silnylon keeps tent strong with a woven nylon mesh door for ventilation
Big Agnes Slater
Buy at REI- $339.95
Big Agnes Seedhouse SL12 lbs 9 ozFreestanding-Waterproof silnylon floor and fly
-Simple and classic single vestibule design
-All mesh tent body for ventilation
big agnes seedhouse1
Buy at REI- $279.95
Big AgnesCopper Spur UL12 lbs 8 ozFreestanding-Quick setup design
-Mesh body and roof vent to prevent condensation buildup
-Rainfly and floor made of silnylon
-Crossover poles allow for generous headroom
big agnes copper spur
Buy at REI- $369.95
NEMOVeda 12 lbs 7 ozNon-freestanding-Uses two trekking poles for setup to save weight
-Large rollback vestibule
-Wicking fabric manages condensation
-Built in light pocket
Buy at REI- $329.95
Sea to SummitSpecialist Solo2 lbs 4 ozNon-Freestanding-Double wall tent
-Minimalist design is highly packable
-Save even more weight with trekking pole setup
sea to summit specialist solo
Buy at Backcountry- $428.95
Sierra DesignsFlashlight 1 FL2 lbs 4 ozNon-freestanding-6 stakeout points for easy and secure setup
-Hybrid double/single wall for lightweight protection during a storm
-Can be setup with trekking poles to save more weight
-Gear closet is away from door
sierra designs flashlight 1
Buy at REI- $299.95
Mountain HardwearSuperMega UL12 lbs 3 ozFreestanding-Large end door for easy access
-Designed for easy setup
-Bathtub style floor
-15-30 denier ripstop nylon used for lightweight durability
mountain hardwear tent
Buy at REI- $350.00
Tarptent Notch2 lbs 3 ozNon-Freestanding-Uses 2 trekking poles for setup
-Double wall, dual entry, and dual vestibule
Tarptent Notch
Buy at Tarptent- $285.00
Six Moon DesignsSkyscape Scout2 lbs 2 ozNon-Freestanding-Hybrid double wall keeps you dry
-Bathtub floor maximizes internal floor space
-Side entry
-Uses trekking pole for support for weight savings
Six Moon Designs Scout
Buy at Six Moon Designs- $125.00
Big AgnesFly Creek UL12 lbs 1 ozFreestanding-Single hub pole assembly for quick setup
-Ripstop silnylon for lightweight but durable material
-Woven nylon mesh walls allow good ventilation and views without rainfly
Big Agnes Fly Creek
Buy at REI- $319.95
Marmot Nitro 12 lbs 1 ozNon-Freestanding-No-see-um mesh makes for a highly breathable tent
-Wide door for easy entry
-Single Trekking Pole setup to save weight
-Fly creates large vestibule for your gear
Marmot Nitro 1
Buy at Backcountry- $278.95
TarptentRainbow2 lbs 2 ozNon-Freestanding-Hybrid bathtub floor
-Mesh tent walls for excellent ventilation
-Front beak provides gear storage and rain protection
-Can be staked or use trekking poles for setup
Tarptent rainbow
Buy at Tarptent- $259.00
YAMA Mountain GearCirriform SW 11 lb 11 ozNon-Freestanding-Bathtub floor creates specious interior
-Setup with two trekking poles
-Customizable when ordering
-Zippered vestibule for gear can be rolled out of the way
-Cuben fly offers the ultimate rain protection
Buy at YAMA Mountain Gear- $445.70
Hyperlite Mountain GearEcho 11 lb 11 ozNon-freestanding-Modular system for versatility
-Made of lightweight and 100% waterproof cuben fiber
-No-see-um mesh keeps bugs out
-Uses trekking poles for support
hyperlite mountain gear echo I
Buy at Hyperlite Mountain Gear- $575.00
LightHeart GearSolo1 lb 11 ozNon-Freestanding-Uses two trekking poles for lightweight setup
-Double walled silnylon tent
-Side entry door
-Design allows for plenty of room lengthwise and enough height for a tall person to sit up
lightheart solo
Buy at LightHeart Gear- $280.00 (w/seamsealing)
Six Moon DesignsSkyscape Trekker1 lb 8 ozNon-Freestanding-Hybrid double wall keeps you dry
-Bathtub floor maximizes internal floor space
-Side entry
-Uses two trekking poles for stability in windy conditions
-Rollback vestibule
six moon designs trekker
Buy at Six Moon Designs- $265.00 (w/seam seal)
Six Moon DesignsLunar Solo1 lb 8 ozNon-Freestanding-Full vestibule for added protection, but can be rolled back
-High vent prevents moisture buildup
-Re-tension straps allow you to adjust your setup from your sleeping bag
-Center single trekking pol support for stability in windy conditions or snow
-Bathtub floor
Six Moon Designs Lunar Solo
Buy at Six Moon Designs- $245.00 (w/seam seal)
Mountain Laurel DesignsCricket1 lb 7 ozNon-freestanding-Simple design with no hardware to fail
-30 denier silnylon for strength and durability
-Modular design for versatility
-Uses trekking poles for support
mountain laurel designs cricket
Buy at Mountain Laurel Designs- $315.00
ZPacksHexamid15.4 ozNon-freestanding-Detachable bathtub floor for versatility
-Storm doors for complete rain protection
-Fully enclosed screen floor keeps all bugs out
-Uses 1 trekking pole for support
ZPacks Hexamid

Buy at ZPacks- $450.00
ZPacksSolplex14.6 ozNon-freestanding-Sewn in bathtub floor
-storm doors for great rain protection
-Uses two trekking poles for support
-Made of extremely light but durable Cuben Fiber

ZPacks solplex
Buy at ZPacks- $535.00

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