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70 Books on Thru Hiking

Former or aspiring thru hiker? Just love hiking and reading about other people’s adventures and experiences on the trail? This list includes over 70 books on thru hiking the Appalachian, Pacific Crest, and Continental Divide trails among others like the Camino, John Muir, and more off the beaten path ventures. The last section includes some great how-to guides. None of these are specific trail guide books and all would make a great addition to your base weight, airplane carry on, or night stand. Are there others missing you’d recommend? Leave a comment and let us know!


*You can view more details on each book by clicking on the title. Any purchase made through the links helps to support more content on Trail to Summit


Appalachian Trail

Pacific Crest Trail


Continental Divide Trail

cdt books

Other Long Distance Trails

How To Guides/Reference


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70 Books on Thru Hiking

  1. snakesession says:

    Hello Allison! Thanks very much for including my book (Painted Blazes – Hiking the Appalachian Trail with Loner) in your list of 70 thru-hike books! Great job on the list and noticed several of my favorites. I would also suggest my newest book for your reference section, Appalachian Trail Who’s Who on YouTube, found on Amazon in print and eBook. http://a.co/d/iD6yHbE/. Also, Sole Searching on the Appalachian Trail by Sam Ducharme is a great read. Thanks again and happy hiking! Loner, AT Class of 2012.

    1. sam Ducharme says:

      thanks for the mention, Loner!

  2. jenbeckseymour says:

    Thanks for including our “Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail — 100 Tips” book! I also just published one specifically for women wanting to thru-hike the AT: “Chicas on the Appalachian Trail — Women-Specific Tips for Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail and Conversations with Badass Women Hikers.” Thank you! — Chica (AT NOBO 2017)

  3. Ron Brown says:

    Trail Mix: Notes along the Palmetto Trail by Ron Brown

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