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A Closer Look

A highlight of some of my favorite hiking based companies, giving readers a closer look into the people who make the gear they love on the trail as well as products that remind us of the trail when we can’t be there. Check out the interviews here:


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Gear for the Trail

  1. Daphne says:

    Just moved to nh. Need to know how to dress for winter snoe shoeing. On the amc website, is there a any recommendations that suggests what brands and each layer we should be wearing to stay safe and warm without spending $1k/person we are looking from the ground up for safe winter gear.

    1. allison says:

      I have a few articles on winter gear and clothing. To buy everything you need all at once (or in a short period of time) it would be very difficult to get everything without blowing your budget. I recommend waiting to purchase crampons as they are only necessary for a few hikes in certain conditions (franconia ridge, northern presidentials and the like). Microspikes and snowshoes will be used most often for winter hikes in the whites. You probably already have some of the clothing you’d wear if you do any skiing or camping. This article should help with what you’ll need: https://www.trailtosummit.com/winter-hiking-gear/
      I also have this one on getting everything you need on a budget: https://www.trailtosummit.com/ten-tips-for-backpacking-on-a-budget/

      Happy hiking!

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