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John Muir Trail 2014 Hike Complete!

I’m back! I just completed a 15 day Southbound thru hike August 9th, 2014. Keep an eye out for posts of each day of the journey with my own experiences, important information, loads of photos, and some stats (including my tracks from my Delorme InReach). I will also be posting reviews of the gear that I brought along. I have some GoPro footage that I will eventually make into a short “movie”. This will surely take time, but I’m looking forward to sharing this incredible “monsoon” filled journey with you! Yes, it did actually rain while I was there!

Thanks for the continued support! You can follow me on Google+ or Facebook to keep up with my JMT story!

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John Muir Trail 2014 Hike Complete!

  1. eric schultz says:

    Great job, I head out on the 8/16. Any suggestions would be great. I heard there was snow on Whitney! How did your mini solar charger work and how did the inreach perform?

  2. Eric- the Inreach worked great! Check it out here: https://share.delorme.com/AllisonNadler

    I ended up buying a battery pack last minute and didn’t take the solar wrap. Ran into someone who used it and was happy with it until after Evolution Valley when it just stopped working. There was some snow on Whitney as well as Forester. We made a snowman! Cold nights and some rain made it interesting. Feel free to shoot me an email if you have specific questions!

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