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Made In Iceland Documentary

The Icelandic landscape is vast, varied and ruggedly beautiful with geysers and hot springs, huge icecaps and glaciers, fjords and waterfalls. The dramatic scenery was shaped by volcanic eruptions and carved out by glaciers. Much of the island is uninhabited and unspoiled. I was fortunate to have spent twenty-six hours in Iceland during a layover back home from the UK and am itching to go back. Made In Iceland, a short documentary by Klara Harden, gives me the travel bug.

Klara Harden is an Austrian Cinematographer/ Photographer and Writer who spent twenty-five days during the summer of 2011 hiking solo through Iceland. The documentary shines a light on Iceland’s majestic landscape and is a unique story of her incredible adventure. Check out the video below!

Want to know more?

Check out her FAQ page on Made In Iceland.

Please visit Klara’s vimeo site to view the video in full screen 🙂 or buy a print from the Made In Iceland adventure!

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Made In Iceland Documentary

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