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Winter Hiking Gear Outdoor Retailer 2015

Kathtoola Microspikes

During the 2015 Outdoor Retailer Winter Show, some new winter gear items were introduced. Kathtoola has made some great updates to their MICROspikes. You will notice the metal toe bar is gone and there are reinforcements to prevent the spikes from pulling and breaking over time. Without the metal piece, the spikes are much more packable. The shape is slightly different to prevent slippage as well. I am happy about the improvements and look forward to providing more feedback on performance this winter. They will be available fall 2015.

Kathtoola Microspikes

There are no new mountaineering snowshoes coming out for 2015. The Lightning Ascent and Revo snowshoes that were redesigned in 2014 were on display.

MSR snowshoes

MSR snowshoes on display


The newest snowshoe will be a touring snowshoes. The Tubbs Limited Edition Boundary Peak Snowshoes will be available fall 2015 through April 2016. They will be available for both men and women and will come in two sizes for each gender. The MSRP is $249.00. The snowshoes have fairly aggressive teeth and heel lifts. They would be appropriate for rolling hills.

Tubbs Limited Edition Snowshoes

Tubbs Limited Edition Snowshoes


Hillsound didn’t have any big updates, but were featuring their gaiters which would be a great match for those who often rip their gaiters with crampons. The Hillsound Armadillo Gaiters are made with SuperFabric™ on the lower half to prevent abrasion or tearing issues. The Nano Gaiter is best for more intense aerobic activities as the upper material adjusts with the temperature as it is breathable. The only downfall I can see is the full length zipper. The gaiters would render useless if there was a zipper failure. They Armadillo line ranges from $49.00 to $98.00 MSRP. Keep an eye out for a full review of the Super Armadillo Gaiters and Trail Crampons!

Hillsound Super Armadillo gaiters

Hillsound Super Armadillo Gaiters


Outdoor Research came out with a lot of new gloves that will be available fall 2015.

outdoor research gloves

Outdoor Research Women’s Backstop Sensor Gloves

Liner gloves with windstopper lining on the backs and breathable radiant fleece on palms to keep hands dry. MSRP $39.00

outdoor research gloves

Outdoor Research Super Vert Gloves

Outdoor Research redesigned their popular alpine Vert Gloves. This is a cold weather glove that provides a great grip and dexterity. MSRP $59.00

outdoor research gloves

Outdoor Research Illuminator Sensor Gloves

These are an alpine and ski style glove. These gloves are waterproof and made to protect against harsh weather. MSRP $89.00

outdoor research glovesThese are weather resistant technical alpine climbing gloves. Shown above in men’s (green) and women’s (purple). MSRP $129.00


Want to see even more new products from the Winter 2015 Outdoor Retailer? Check out what’s new with sleeping pads and food/energy supplements!


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Winter Hiking Gear Outdoor Retailer 2015

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