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15 Day SOBO John Muir Trail Itinerary

john muir trail map

This is my summer 2014 John Muir Trail itinerary. I hiked Southbound starting at Happy Isles in Yosemite Valley to Whitney Portal. The official length of the JMT is 211 miles which ends at the summit of Mount Whitney. The rest of the mileage comes from my descent and any extra mileage I did. This includes a one mile wrong turn onto the PCT (I turned back to return to the official JMT route) and some extra mileage to go to resupplies.

DayStarting PointEnding PointToday's MileageTotal MileageNotes
1Happy Isles TrailheadLittle Yosemite Valley Campground4.64.6
2Little Yosemite Valley CampgroundTuolumne Backpackers Campground18.423.0
3Tuolumne Backpackers Campground~Thousland Island Lake (on PCT)21.344.3Small resupply from Tuolume and breakfast from grill
4~Thousland Island Lake (on PCT)Upper Crater Meadow20.765.0Resupply at Reds Meadows
5Upper Crater MeadowSquaw Lake17.082.0Favorite camp spot!
6Squaw LakeBear Creek16.298.2
7Bear CreekBlayney Hot Springs11.0109.2Resupply at Muir Trail Ranch- last resupply of the trip
8Blayney Hot SpringsEvolution Meadow11.0120.2Took a half day at the hiker hot springs
9Evolution MeadowUknown Pond14.0134.2
10Uknown PondGlacier Creek13.3147.5
11Glacier CreekJ Bench Lake14.3161.8Cold but gorgeous camping!
12J Bench LakeArrowhead Lake14.6176.4
13Arrowhead LakeAfter descent of Forester Pass19.2195.6Very cold and windy spot. Not many options around Forester
14After descent of Forester PassGuitar Lake13.8209.4Can continue to get closer to final climb up Whitney
15Guitar LakeWhitney Portal13.8223.2Burger time! Thumb a ride to Lone Pine
Happy planning!



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15 Day SOBO John Muir Trail Itinerary

  1. Joe says:

    Can you provide a reference point that approximates the location of the Unknown Pond where you camped after leaving Evolution Meadow?

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