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New Camera, Old Trail: Revisiting Lincoln and Lafayette


I was driving up to hike the Osceolas when I saw the clouds drift and a bright blue sky appear. I was an hour south of Franconia Notch when I checked the weather and made a change of plans. While I really need a Presi day, I was happy that the forecast had changed (yet again) and predicted less wind for Lafayette than it stated last night.

1- falling waters trailhead

The trailhead was pretty full when I arrived. During the hike I didn’t see many people until the ridge and many of the cars belonged to a couple larger groups.

A new sign?

A new sign?


Bridge near the start of the hike

I decided to ascend the Falling Waters Trail as I’d rather go up a potentially icy trail than down. With all the recent rain I knew the crossings would be more difficult, but I was hoping the waterfalls would be worth the extra work. Boy, was I right!

2nd crossing of the day

2nd crossing of the day

The crossings weren’t too bad. They were trickier than they had been in the past, but definitely doable. The second crossing of the day was the most difficult where the only options required getting your boots wet. Mine needed a good cleaning anyway!

5- falling waters trail

First of many waterfalls

Falling Waters Trail is home to numerous waterfalls of all shapes and sizes. Typically you have to join the crowds in the warmer months or they are frozen come winter. With the warmer weather and rainfall this week, I got lucky with these sights and was super excited to try out my new camera!

7-falling waters trail

There’s much less snow than I encountered last week, but it wasn’t completely washed out. There are some muddy spots, especially lower in elevation.

8-falling waters trail 9-falling waters trail 11-falling waters trail

Even with all this beauty, some people have to ruin it.

graffiti and deep carvings on the trail... really disappointing to see.

graffiti and deep carvings on the trail… really disappointing to see.

12-falling waters trail

Last waterfall. Heading uphill now!

13-falling waters trail

So much to look at

The trail gets steeper as you continue on Falling Waters. It eventually alternates steeper pitches and level sections. There was one section near the last of the falls where I really had to pull myself up- could’ve used an ice axe!

I wore microspikes the entire time. There was one or two sections heading down from the ridge where crampons may have made things easier, but there was much less ice than the first time I had done these two in winter. My crampons stayed in my pack for the day.

14-falling waters trail

Broken out trails

15-branches 16- falling waters trail sign
Best friends

Best friends


I wasn’t setting records with all my stops along the way. There was just so much to photograph! Once I was just about to peak above treeline, I added some layers. Until this point I was comfortable in my base layer and occasionally a hat.

18-falling waters trail 19-falling waters trail 19- spruce 20-franconia ridge trail

The wind wasn’t all that bad (maybe 15-20 mph) but eventually I needed to add more face protection. My new goggles are tinted yellow so I had that Coldplay song stuck in my head on half the ridge.

21- GG Gorilla

This was also the first hike I was using my Gossamer Gear Gorilla. I really like the new suspension and how it’s working as a winter pack so far!

22-franconia ridge trail 23-franconia ridge trail 24- franconia ridge trail25-franconia ridge trail 26-gargoles franconia ridge trail

First up was Little Haystack and Mount Lincoln before reaching the Gargoyles. This is one of my favorite lunch spots when it’s warm enough to take a longer break here.

27-franconia ridge trail 30-lafayette 29-franconia ridge trail 28-franconia ridge trail

On the way to Lafayette (pictured above) I saw a group with a bunch of dogs who looked like they were having a blast! They said they had bright blue skies on Lafayette that I missed while I was taking all those waterfall photos…. I also ran into another large group. Two of the guys had hike Liberty and Flume with me two winters ago. It was great to see them on the trail!

33-franconia ridge trail to skookumchuck 36-cairn 35-franconia ridge trail to skookumchuck

I was really hoping to get some views on the ridge so I decided to continue on the Franconia Ridge Trail to Skookumchuck. It’s an additional two miles, but my thinking was I could keep moving and stay warm, but get more time on the ridge for potential views.

DSC00483 DSC00485

While I hiked too fast off the ridge for a potential undercast, I was rewarded with some beautiful views. The clouds lifted for a few moments and at times were light by the sun and had a pinkish hue. It was really gorgeous!

DSC00486 DSC00490   DSC00495 DSC00496

The hike down Skookumchuck was pretty uneventful. I had been up this route before, but this time seemed longer. I kept telling myself the views atop made it worth the extra mileage! The last mile and a half was very muddy and wet. It was the kind of mud that tries to eat your boots! I eventually made it out and got a ride down a couple exits to my car. Though I didn’t need these peaks for my four season 48, or Trailwrights, I’m counting it for the Grid that I’m not officially working on 😉 I’m just keeping track of it all!

DSC00497 DSC00500

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New Camera, Old Trail: Revisiting Lincoln and Lafayette

  1. BeeKeeper says:

    Nice job capturing a variety of frozen winter beauty. Thrilling to know there are so many others out enjoying a little outside time in these burry conditions.

    1. BeeKeeper says:

      Glad they didn’t add to the SOS sign anything negative about hiking solo.

      1. allison says:

        I’m glad they didn’t either! I love winter hiking so I was glad to be out! Happy trails 🙂

  2. Christina Ennabe says:

    What camera do you have? I’m looking for a good point and shoot camera for hikes 🙂

    1. Allison says:

      I have a sony a5000 which is a mirrorless camera so it has interchangeable lenses and is more advanced. I do love sony’s point and shoot cameras too! Definitely check them out.

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